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Destination Weddings

You’re engaged! Congratulations! If you find yourself looking through bridal magazines and wanting to skip straight to the honeymoon ads, a traditional wedding in your hometown may not be for you. If your bridal dreams lead you to far off places, a destination wedding may be the best option for you. But how to do you plan an event in a far off location while living your life at home? Follow these easy steps to destination wedding success.

destination couple

Pick the Perfect Spot

A lot goes into this one…When you are researching the perfect destination wedding location, be sure to pick a spot that reflects your personality as a couple. If you are known beach bums, a mountain locale may have your guests scratching their heads. You want your guests to come away from the wedding talking about “how them” the whole thing was. Also, make sure you have timed your nuptials with the seasonal weather conditions in mind for travelers. But, most importantly, make sure you GO THERE BEFORE THE WEDDING to see it for yourself. Your wedding is not the time for a surprise venue.

destination paris

Get Help

When you are planning a wedding from a remote location, it is imperative that you have help. Connect with a wedding planner or a trusted vendor at your location early in the planning process to have eyes and ears at ground zero. This person will serve as a single point of contact for all your other vendors both before you arrive and during your wedding. Your wedding planner can also help you to select locally reputable vendors to fill all the important slots like photographers, videographers and caterers.

destination planner

Take Care of Your Guests

First of all, you don’t have to invite everyone. That’s right, don’t feel obligated to invite everyone you would have if planning a hometown wedding. Destination weddings are much more intimate affairs and allow for smaller, more culled down guest lists. If you feel like too many have been left out, host a post wedding reception at home. Likewise, make sure the guests who to make the trip with you are taken care of once they arrive. Arrange for a block of rooms for the event in a central location and for transportation to and from airports/train stations/ect. Guest bags given upon hotel/resort check in are a great way to connect with and educate your guests as well as educate them on amenities and activities they might want to take advantage of during their stay. You may even want to host a brunch or luncheon on wedding day to provide an additional opportunity for guests to gather and get to know one another better.

destination invite

Above all, enjoy your destination wedding! Remember, once the reception ends, you’re already on your honeymoon!

destination beach

Vendor Spotlight: Iron City

As Birmingham’s premiere entertainment broker, Southeastern Attractions has the privelege to book talent at some of the best event venues in town. Iron City of Birmingham tops our list for sure.

iron city bham

The original building, built in 1929, was a staple in the Southside Birmingham cityscape as an automotive repair location for several years. Designer, Williams Blackstock Architects, connected 2 buildings in an extensive renovation including 3 stages on 2 floors as well as a state of the art sound system, 2 bars and a restaurant.

iron city before

Iron City has 2 large indoor areas: The Grill-an upscale bar and restaurant area that seats 90, and the main event venue that has a 1300 standing capacity. There is also a nearby lot at the corner of 22nd St. S. and 6th Ave S. 

iron city band

Tickets can be purchased through Ironcitybham.com, or Ticketfly.com. Onsite office hours are Monday through Friday 10:00am-6:00 pm. Checkout their up to date online calendar featured on their website to select your next Iron city event.

iron city events

Iron City is not only a world-class music venue, but also Birmingham’s most desired setting to host a private event. The meticulously restored space blends industrial charm with polished finesse making it an ideal for any event. Multi-level staging accentuates exposed brick and dark-stained wooden floors creating the perfect picture of industrial chic. Beneath the high beams, Executive Chef William Rogers pairs a vibrant, innovative menu with fresh local produce and unparalleled service for unforgettable weddings, corporate events and social occasions.


Outdoor Weddings

You’ve looked at venue after venue trying to get your wedding planning off the ground, but all the banquet halls and country clubs leave you wanting more. Perhaps the great outdoors will provide the perfect backdrop for your “I do’s”. Outdoor weddings can take place in your backyard or cliff side overlooking a magnificent body of water or canyon. The sky is truly the limit with outdoor weddings. Follow these 3 easy steps to plan the perfect outdoor wedding.


Choosing to get married outside means some of your décor is included in the location. Make sure you visit your venue at same time of day and year that you are planning towards. This will help you to get a sense of the light and may lead the way to type of décor you might want to use. When bringing in tables, chairs, archways, or chuppahs, make sure they are firmly secured in the event of a strong breeze. Make sure colors of linens and flowers compliment the natural setting you have chosen.

sea outdoor wedding

outdoor decor sea


Making sure your guests are comfortable will make or break your wedding. If you are planning a summer wedding in Florida or a winter wedding in Vermont, prepare accordingly with fans and heaters to insure the comfort of those in attendance. Don’t forget about the natural inhabitants of your venue like wild animals and pesky insects-a pest control service is a great idea.

sea outdoorwedding comfort 2

sea outdoor wedding comfort

Back Up Plan

Last but not least, when planning an outdoor wedding, a plan B is an absolute must! The only thing that might ruin your wedding day would be for guests to show up to a downpour causing an undetermined duration delay of the festivities. Having a tent rental company on standby is the perfect insurance policy for all your best laid plans.

outdoor wedding backup plan

The great outdoors, although unpredictable, often provide the most unique wedding locations. Happy Planning!

How To Select Live Entertainment For Your Wedding

Selecting Live Entertainment For Your Wedding

So you’ve decided you like to go with live entertainment for your wedding reception or ceremony… How do you choose the best professionals for you? Follow these simple steps to a successful entertainment selection.

Pay attention to the venue.

When selecting music for your ceremony or reception make sure your music is not too loud or too soft for the space you’re trying to fill. For example, if your ceremony is in the largest cathedral in the city, you need to make sure you have several trust instrument and that they are properly amped with a sound system. Likewise, if you have a smaller banquet room for your reception, a full band with a major sound system may need to be monitored to make sure your gas can enjoy the evening’s conversations

Live Wedding Entertainment Birmingham Alabama Southeastern Attractions



Make sure your hired entertainment is represented by an agent.

Represented artists come with several guarantees. Agencies will provide you with an entertainment contract ensuring that the musicians you have hired will show up for your event. You’ll also have access to many artists in your chosen genre – agencies provide a one stop shop. In one planning session with an entertainment agency you can select strings for your ceremony as well as a great Motown band for your reception.

Live wedding entertainment string trio southeastern attractions

Do your best to see your musicians live before the big day.

Experienced wedding musicians will have several recordings available for you to sample, but seeing a band or musician live helps you to understand exactly what you’re paying for. Some bands offer several different options – like you might be able to hire a full band for one price or a trio or solo artist from the same group for another price.

live wedding singer southeastern attractions

By following these simple steps, choosing live entertainment for your wedding will be a breeze. Pay attention to your venue, use an agency, and make sure you check out the group live. Most of all, make sure you choose the entertainment that will mean the most to you when you look back on your wedding memories. Enjoy!

Vendor Spotlight: Workplay

As a full service booking agency, Southeastern Attractions has the privilege of working with many of Birmingham’s most prestigious venues.  Workplay, located in the heart of Southside, is certainly no exception.  As one of Birmingham’s most reputable event venues, Workplay has something to offer any event in any size and style.  It truly is a multi-functional entertainment complex.
The diversity of events that can be hosted at any of Workplay’s event spaces is what sets it apart.  For a large scale corporate banquet, the Theater can seat up to 300, and can also be transformed with lighting and drapery for a grand formal reception for up to 600 guests. Seminars, training, corporate parties, charity fundraisers are just a few of the types of events Workplay is used to hosting.
The Canteen space offers a more intimate setting and is perfect for events like rehearsal dinner and/or wedding or baby showers. Whether your planning an engagement party the reception or the whole wedding day, guests will remember your Workplay wedding for years to come.
Having a great long standing reputation in the event industry has its perks, too.  The experienced team of professionals at Workplay will not only help you plan your event, but can also refer you to a vast list of event professionals to execute the event you have been dreaming of.  Contact them at events@workplay.com to schedule a tour of their amazing facility.
Thanks again to team Workplay for allowing SEA to provide amazing entertainment for your patrons.  We look forward to working with you again soon.