Bag of Donuts


Bag of Donuts is a New Orleans party band that taps into the city’s long tradition of costumes and great music to bring New Orleans to wherever you are. With Bag of Donuts you and your friends can reminisce without the nostalgia—as highly skilled musicians with a flair for the fantastical play all the classics. Together, these hits are what Bag of Donuts calls Superpop, a genre of “just the hits”, from the 60’s all the way through today, “suped” up in a new and exciting way. The party is contagious; as the guys on stage go wild in their outlandish costumes, crowds of friends and strangers alike find themselves comfortable letting loose. If you’re planning an event, Bag of Donuts promises an atypical experience that audience members of all ages and types can groove to. Bag of Donuts will take your night, and your party, to the next level.

Booking Bag of Donuts is about more than just having a good time. It’s about bringing people together over past shared experiences to create new ones. With Bag of Donuts, you’ll have a night to remember with all the hits you thought you’d forgotten long ago.

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