BB Palmer & Kudzu

B.B. Palmer is a Southern Americana Singer/Songwriter located out of Lee County, AL.

BB Palmer & Kudzu
Music infiltrated Bernard Breitung’s life from the very start. With his mother playing James Taylor on the radio and his father’s interest in R & B and soul, the artist who now goes by “B.B. Palmer” boasts knowledge of and exposure to just about every genre. Of course, appreciating music naturally led to creating it. “My old man, he picked and sang a bit, so he taught me the Holy Trinity of chords: G, C and D. He said, ‘If you learn these, you can pretty much write any song you wanna,’ and it’s stayed true to this day,” Palmer reminisces.

Now, he’s taking on his own project, B.B. Palmer and Kudzu, which he describes as “traditional country, honky-tonk music.”

Palmer shares, “We want to explore all areas of music in the cosmos, everything under the sun.”

B.B. Palmer and Kudzu sometimes refer to their musical stylings as “cosmic country,” a genre that blurs the lines between various styles of music such as bluegrass, folk, soul and rock. For Palmer, it’s also about addressing controversial issues and challenging the status quo of current music culture. “What we’re doing is controversial, but it’s true to what we believe in and stand for. Subjects like pro-legalization, gay marriage, reaching a universal consciousness,” Palmer explains. “As a music culture, we’re on the cusp of a total change in popular music.”

In mid-July, the Lee County-based group recorded their first seven-track EP (or “extended play”) entitled “Belle Fontaine,” after the area where Palmer lived out his childhood. “All of the songs I’ve written are somewhat based on where I grew up. I feel like those were the best days of my life. Being raised on the water, it’s a majestic place. There’s something about it that’s very spiritual.”

Another area for songwriting inspiration is his personal journey with addiction and recovery. Palmer has been clean of painkillers for three years. The song “Mississippi Grin,” included on the upcoming EP, deals with issues of “forgiveness and leaving that life behind,” which, to Palmer, is one of his biggest accomplishments.

“I’m not proud of a lot of things I’ve done, but this is one I am proud of, probably more than my music. It’s the struggle of going to the edge and looking over and almost going there. Everything is real clear right now – [addiction and drugs] drains your creativity as an artist.”

As they plan their “Belle Fontaine” tour, B.B. Palmer and Kudzu plan to make their way down to Mobile, though no dates are confirmed yet. They hope their hometown supporters will appreciate and enjoy the different perspective they offer.

“We’re trying to change the landscape of country music,” Palmer concludes. “If you like mainstream country, more power to you. I just think the smaller guys, who are really honest in their writing, deserve more attention and more radio time. I believe that there’s a revolution in music coming in the next five to 10 years.” And if B.B. Palmer and Kudzu have it their way, they will be along for the entire ride.

Song List


Alabama High Test – OCMS
Cocaine Blues – Johnny Cash
Folsom Prison – Johnny Cash
Good Hearted Woman – Waylon Jennings
I can’t help it if I’m still in love with You – Hank Williams
Lonely at the Top – Keith Whitley
Long Hair Country Boy – Charlie Daniels Band
Lonesome Ornery and Mean – Waylon Jennings
Living the Dream – Sturgill Simpson
Mama Tried – Merle Haggard
OD’d in Denver – Hank Jr.
One more last chance – Vince Gill
Outfit – Jason Isbell
Outlaw Bit – Waylon Jennings
Still Doin’ Time- George Jones
The Conversation – Hank Jr.
Thrown out the Bar – Hank III
Tulsa Time – Don Williams
Waymore’s Blues – Waylon Jennings
Whiskey Bent n Hell Bound – Hank Jr.
Willing – Little Feat
Your Cheatin Heart – Hank Williams
You can have the crown – Sturgill Simpson
You Sure Hank Done it This Way – Waylon Jennings

Heartache Highway – B.B. Palmer
LSD – B.B. Palmer
Mississippi Grin – B.B. Palmer
Old Green Pine – B.B. Palmer
Roadhouse Queen – B.B. Palmer
Space Texas – B.B. Palmer
The Wind – B.B. Palmer
Towards The Flame – B.B. Palmer
Wet Dog – B.B. Palmer

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