Mixing gasoline and nitro would make a pretty impressive explosion, though nothing like the high powered alt-country performance from these blue collar boys from Birmingham. Described as “dixie fried roots rock with a dash of punk,” Caddle draws on classic country and bluegrass influences, and then supercharges them with hard driving rock n’ roll with an attitude.

Caddle Band
The term southern rock is being thrown around a lot these days, but where someone like Hank Williams III fails, Birmingham’s Caddle succeed. Caddle has a great, upbeat energy to their vocals that make you want to listen to this and are the first thing that will suck you into “Raise Em High.” (Think bands like Lost Trailers). Obviously when you mention the term southern rock in describing a sound to someone they automatically think bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and at times, especially in the music on tracks like “Give Me A Dollar,” I would have to agree, but overall Caddle is a lot more Hank Jr. then they are Skynyrd. 9 times out of 10 you will be stomping your boots along with Caddle. On songs like “Raise Em High” and “Work” you cannot help but stomp along and I dare you to listen to this and not be moving. While on other songs like “Had To Die” and “Afternoon Lies” you will instantly find yourself singing along with the catchiness in the choruses. It has been a long time since I heard a solid, boot stomping, album like this one, but Caddle is a band to keep your eyes on. This is a great record that combines a lot of spirit from the scene of yesteryear with a shot of energy thrown in for good measure. – – – Gone Country Magazine

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