The Doctors and The Lawyers

The Doctors and The Lawyers consists of five members, formed through relationships made by random freshman dorm placement and developed because of each member’s collective musical vision. From The Black Keys to Papadosio, Moon Taxi to Led Zeppelin, the musical influences of the group continue to expand and evolve just as fluidly as the sound of the group’s original material.

Forged in the fires of Southern and Psychedelic Rock, The Doctors and The Lawyers take pride in live improvisation and the formation of a transcendental experience worth seeing over and over again. The group engages its audience by both recognizing and appreciating the diversity of musical preferences that can be present in large crowds. Though the band got its name because the members are currently studying to become doctors, lawyers, and the like, their true passion lies in the collaboration and creation of a truly unique music experience. Most recently, TDTL performed at the 2014 Wakarusa Music Festival in Ozark, Arkansas alongside acts such as The String Cheese Incident, The Flaming Lips, Moon Taxi, Papadosio, and others.

Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Auburn

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