Joe Gransden

“Joe is a young man w/an old soul and a classic voice. He is a great new talent, with a wonderful sense of humor to boot. And don’t forget, he plays a hell of a trumpet!”
Clint Eastwood, Actor/Director
Wedding Bands for hire
Wedding Bands for hire
“Joe has an innate ability to connect with an audience. His singing and trumpet playing are world class. Throw in his 16 Piece Big Band and you have something very special!”
Smokey Robinson, Grammy Winning Singer, Song Writer and Producer
“Joe Gransden is one of the most delicious talents working today. In addition to being a gifted musician and vocalist, he doesn’t just play AT the event, he IS the event. Sensitive to all moods and capable of elevating the fun quotient, whether performing or leading. Love the guy!”
Elaine Wynn - Wynn Resorts
Wedding Bands for hire
"... Joe Gransden is one of those rare musicians that has it all. He is an incredible instrumentalist with the technique of a virtuoso. His imagination let's him improvise as we'll as anyone on the planet and yet he retains a sense of melody that let's listeners of all musical tastes enjoy his wonderful playing. That should be enough, but for Joe, it's just the beginning. Add to this a beautiful singing voice that lets him do all of the above with words!!! As I said, Joe really does have it all."
Kenny G – Grammy Winning Saxophonist

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