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It starts with YOUR vision. We partner WITH you to design a custom show tailored specifically to your event and clientele. We won’t bring you the same old songs with sparkly costumes and step-touch choreography. We want your guests’ jaws on the floor, cell phones out recording because their minds are being blown by our non-stop, full out, don’t give them a chance to yawn or go to the bathroom show with our custom arrangements, medleys, remixes, and mashups.

Wedding Bands for hire

The secret sauce is the talent, folks! We bring years of television, film, music, and theater creds as performers, writers, arrangers, and producers together to kick ass and take names. We know how to build unique shows that capture an audience, keep an audience, and leave them wanting for more. You paid for that dance floor, let us FILL IT! We are a force, and this is what we do. If you want your guests raving it’s the best event they have ever attended, it needs to GET CRASHED!

Wedding Bands for hire
Wedding Bands for hire

“Kevin Turner (Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft)….just pulled Bob into his office to tell him that he’s NEVER BEEN HAPPIER with a band at this event!! The Party Crashers are killing it! Thank you for bringing the happy to this event! We love you!“
– Shonda Microsoft MGX Event, Atlanta, GA

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