Raised on a steady supply of power-pop and alternative rock, Birmingham, Alabama’s Riverbend brings a live show full of mile-wide riffs and impassioned choruses. Formed in 2013 by childhood friends, Riverbend consists of Stanton Langley (guitar, vocals), Max Simon (guitar), Price Pewitt (bass, vocals), and Sims Ruffino (drums and percussion). The four-piece has released a series EP’s, the most recent being 2018’s “The Extra Mile”, and is building their fan base throughout the Southeast.

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Song List

Whipping Post- The Allman brothers
American Girl- Tom Petty
The Waiting- Tom Petty
You Wreck Me- Tom Petty
You Don’t Know How It Feels- Tom Petty
The Seeker- The Who
Rebel Rebel- David Bowie
Okay Alright- Moe.
Dear, Mr. Fantasy- Traffic
Walk On- Neil Young
The Boys Are Back In Town- Thin Lizzy
When My Baby’s Beside Me- Big Star
Sick Of Myself- Matthew Sweet
The One I Love- R.E.M.
The Bends- Radiohead
No Quarter- Led Zeppelin
Echoes- Pink Floyd
Supernaut- Black Sabbath
Champagne Supernova- Oasis
Superstition- Stevie Wonder
Chameleon- Herbie Hancock
Cryin’ by tonight- Riverbend
Throwin’ it all away- Riverbend
Eye of the storm- Riverbend
Wasted on a dream- Riverbend
Bitch- Riverbend
Just a call- Riverbend
Think about you instead- Riverbend
Hideaway- Riverbend
Been a long time- Riverbend
Figurine- Riverbend
Holdin’ my breath- Riverbend
Out of time- Riverbend
Surrender- Riverbend
Fall for you- Riverbend
Last real thing- Riverbend
Drowning alone- Riverbend
Sinking- Riverbend

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