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Skoolie Escobar is a 20 year old Hip Hop Artist with the lyrical maturity of a rapper twice his age. Born Theodore Montez Ware, the 2008 BET Black College Tour freestyle Champion is a Birmingham born rapper with an east coast mind for metaphor a distinctive original southern tone. He applies creative wordplay that transcends region and controls your ear. At best his metaphor is brilliant at worst its better than most. Diverse enough to rap with a live band and skilled enough to control a cipher, the accomplished young artist encompasses the soul of hip hop – what is now and what is next.

His 3rd Mixtape, “Ill Explain Later,” is the most anticipated release from the rapper that claims influences from Kanye West, Drake and Lil Wayne to name a few. Though you can hear the influence from these greats in the slick delivery and formidable punch line blows, Skoolie sets him self apart by applying the content to his own struggle as an emcee three years deep in the game.

The father of one won’t stop until he’s reached his goals. His home is the studio, the booth is his sanctuary and his objective is simple… Be the greatest. He has a story to tell and wont stop until the world has heard it. With constant club bookings, dominating open mic appearances, and local radio play in his portfolio; it is only a matter of time until Skoolie Escobar is a household name. When asked why his stage name is “Skoolie Escobar” when his music is refreshingly creative and doesn’t speak of drug dealing, he simply answers “Cause ‘I’ am Dope,” but you can call me Skoolie Escobar, the Coolest Nerd Neva Seen.

Sounds great! ‘Juice’ has good radio potential. Ethan

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