Tyn Tymes

This phenomenal 10-member party band has played with numerous headliners and has been the headliner for many events. Although the history of the Tyn Tymes has been amazing, perhaps more amazing is what the band has accomplished in the area of special events and private parties.. The band has played venues across the country, had a No. 1 single on Northern Soul chart in England and created an impressive fan base of celebrities and friends alike. For example, Eli Manning selected the Tyn Tymes to play a private party at his home in Oxford, MS. The band has been a favorite on stages from San Diego, CA. to Myrtle Beach, SC. They have also been showcased at the prestigious Beach Music Awards in Myrtle Beach, SC. Many believe they are the best party band around and you will love them!

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The Tyn Tymes has 3 generations of fans and each event includes a show and their own arrangements of classic southern soul music and much more.

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